Gaita for sale

So I've decided to sell my Gaita (galician bagpipes). I bought them a few years ago after listening to Carlos Nunez playing them and I became fascinated with the sound. Initially I played them often, however as of late I just haven't been able to find them time to justify keeping them.

They were relatively easy to pick up from the beginning.  The scale and fingering was similar to other instrumemts I play, a mixture of tin whistle, saxophone and uilleann pipe scales. 

The Galician bagpipes I am selling were made by "Seivane". They are the most well known and respected makers of Galician bagpipes in Spain and the world. The pipes are in the key of C and the scale is similar to the scottish bagpipes and even the uilleann pipes and tin whistle.

The pipes are in perfect working order. The also have a handy drone switch on the two smaller drones to turn them on and off. They are loud but not as loud as the bagpipes and sweeter sounding (in my opinion).

This current set up would cost over 2000€ to configure and buy it directly from Seivane.

Listen to an example of how the galician pipes sound here:

Bagpipe Details:

Gaita C 5, Granadilla wood, Bass Drone, Chanter, Tenor Drone and Single Reed High Drone, Anillado Metallic Silver, Standard, Black velvet with black tassels, No personalisation, Estatura 180 cms.