Knockranny House Hotel, Westport

Irish Piper @ Knockranny House Hotel Westport

Irish Piper @ Knockranny House Hotel Westport

11th April 2015

The Knockranny House Hotel has been racking up awards over the last few years and I couldn't wait to visit. This time I was venturing with the wedding band and I had my trusty saxophone with me. I took the stunning back road from Galway through Connemara for a lovely Saturday drive in the sunshine. The scenery through Maam bridge and Killary is breathtaking  and makes for a relaxing drive, although the road never stops twisting and turning.. don't mention the wandering sheep!

I was impressed at the sheer size of the hotel. I thought from the name, that it would be more like a manor house but it seemed to me to be more like a grand hotel. Nevertheless very impressive, it seems to sit on a height overlooking Westport. 

The banquet hall was very elegant, and quite spacious - always makes for an easy set up. Even though this was a large wedding ~ 200 guests, I didn't seem in any way overcrowded. We kicked things off with "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran - a nice slow song, and proving an ever popular choice for first dances these days! I do like it myself, and it makes sure there are no mad dance routines required on the part of the wedding couple, just a nice slow embrace.

I really enjoyed this gig. Great crowd of people at the wedding and everyone seemed up for a dance, maybe it was just the music ;) Another late night, another satisfied crowd. Roll on the next..